Tech Equipment is the Heart of All Your Events

Tech Equipment is the Heart of All Your Events

You’ve planned your event for months, even a year in advance; but one faulty piece of equipment can mean all your preparations have gone to waste.

So how can you avoid equipment issues ruining your events? Here are a few pointers to help you deal with those issues and make all your events hassle-free.

Research. You’ve put every effort into event design, production setup, event tech, audience marketing, and even influencers attending the event. But all of these need the right tech equipment to function smoothly.

The scope of equipment you’ll need depends on the size of your venue. Check the power outlets available. Of course, check modes of connection. Is the WIFI signal strong enough?

Create your own checklist. Some event professionals might leave everything technical to the tech team because they have a whole lot of other important stuff on their plate. But if things do go wrong, the tech team won’t save the event. You’re ultimately the one in charge of the smooth running of your event.

Create a list of all the equipment needed for the whole event. Note how many microphones, projectors, LED screens, tablets you’ll need. If you aren’t sure, talk to your tech supplier beforehand. This will make the preparations a lot easier.  

Check for alternatives and backups. Even if you think have all the right equipment, you need to consider other alternatives in case what you have doesn’t work well with the venue. And of course the power supply is important. Always check your options and have backups in case of problems.

Test your equipment! Incompatibility and other technical problems can cause delays so the last thing you want is to find this out during the event. Allow plenty of time beforehand to run a fail test of all the equipment you will be using. You may need other equipment to get any incompatible items to work with each other.

Hire a trusted supplier. After researching for your event, you’re ready to hire your tech supplier. You need a supplier who understands all the technical aspects of your event and can deliver fully-functional, up-to-date equipment. Before hiring anyone, check their background, read about the events they did and confirm their credibility.

Zapstars Productions offers innovative audio-visual and production solutions for all types of events. Whether small, informal gatherings or major award shows, we can help you manage production budgets, organise manpower needs, set-up venues and deliver technically seamless productions.

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