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Zapstars Productions Hits The Catwalk For The New Qantas Designer Scarf.

Zapstars Productions Hits The Catwalk For The New Qantas Designer Scarf.

(Mile) high fashion! Model Jessica Hart designs $298 scarf for Qantas to reflect ‘the unique beauty of Australia’ and draws inspiration from Melbourne street art


She walked for Victoria’s Secret in New York, Max Mara in Milan and Vionnet at Paris Fashion Week.

But Australian supermodel Jessica Hart strayed no further than home when looking for inspiration for a design collaboration with Qantas.

Drawing on her love of Melbourne’s street art, laneways and food scene, Hart inspired Australian brand Bird and Knoll to design a beautifully printed cashmere blend scarf for Qantas passengers.


Hart joined forces with Qantas in May this year as their trend consultant, and was tasked with nominating a destination that ‘felt like home’ for the scarf’s design.

She collaborated with the iconic airline to help design the scarf, which was launched this month.

Available from David Jones and, the airline said the $298 garment is the ‘ideal fashion travel accessory’.


‘Having travelled as much as I have to so many cities, I can honestly say it has inspired my sense of style;’ Jessica told Qantas.

‘I love expressing myself through fashion and I believe style evolves as a result of different experiences and travel is a gateway to those experiences.’

The limited edition scarf was designed by Australian brand Bird and Knoll, who told Australian Business Traveller the scarf: ‘translates effortlessly from poolside sarong to an elegant inflight cover-up, so it’s ideal for popping in your luggage.’

The cashmere scarf is a soft cream colour with smudges of pink, yellow and green.


Strong grey and blue lines give the city feel, reflecting the streetscape art of Hosier Lane and it’s cornerstone restaurant MoVida, working together with the pastel shades to create a street-style elegance.

Qantas Group Executive Brand marketing and corporate affairs’ Olivia Wirth said the airline were excited about the collaboration which they hoped would ensure Qantas continued to be innovative when it came to travel and style.

‘While the scarf is the ideal fashion travel accessory, it will also promote the unique beauty of Australia, and as the country’s national carrier, we take great pride in flying the flag for home-grown fashion designers, destinations and talent,’ she said. 

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5 Key Questions To Ask Your Event Planner Before Hiring Them

5 Key Questions To Ask Your Event Planner Before Hiring Them
You’ve got an event coming up for your business, charity or even personal (wedding, birthday) but just don’t have the resources to organise it? Well, in this case, you may see the potential benefits of hiring an event planner.

If you don’t have any references from friends or colleagues you will have to start from scratch and interview and evaluate a few different planners before choosing the right one to make your event a reality.  

It’s not hard to find an event management company or freelance event planner since there are hundreds out there. But you will need to eliminate the “so called” planners, that lack important skills and experience to effectively produce, manage and make your event come to life. Hiring the bad event planner can lead to poor outcomes, jeopardize your finances and public relations.

To help guide you we have gathered a 5 key questions you should ask your event planner prior to hiring them:

  • What are your areas of expertise? 

To find out if your chosen event planner is a good fit for your event, ask them what type of events they most frequently work on.

Not all events are the same and there are many different types (conferences, trade shows, weddings, reunions, sporting events and fundraisers) so knowing what events the planner has managed before will give you an idea into their qualifications and areas of expertise.

We are not saying that an event planner has to have a lot of knowledge in your niche area to do a good job, but it’s better to know that he/she has done events similar to yours in the past.

  • What services do you offer?

 Another important information to have is to know exactly if this event planner can handle all your requirements. You will need to establish if you need them to find a venue, take care of catering, audio-visual, transportation, etc.

A good planner will have a preferred list of vendors and even venues that they’ve worked with in the past and they should be able to secure contracts and deals for you and meet all of your needs.

  • What services are included in your fee?

Event planners have different ways of charging for their services (hourly, flat fee, percentage, etc.) and while most of them are upfront about costs sometimes some services may not be included in their fee. You will need to establish and discuss all the fees up front so there are no surprises later!

  • What staff do you have?

Depending on the size of the agency, you will be working with the person you are meeting with, for smaller agencies, or for larger companies, you can sometimes be assigned to someone.

That is why you will need to establish who your day-to-day contact will be, if there will be a team of people working your event or just one and how will your event be staffed the day of it. Just make sure that you have a good connection and feeling about the person you are working with and most important, make sure that you meet them!

  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?

One of the most important factors when planning an event is to remember that things may happen that are beyond your control. Make sure you know the exact details of your contract and the terms for cancelling, postponing or changing the event.

While most organisers will charge you for all the hours and services they’ve put in up until the point of change, keep in mind that other suppliers such as the venue and caterer will have their own cancellation terms, so you have to make sure you know all these details up front in order to maintain sanity in case unexpected things happen.

Finally, be sure to interview and evaluate a good selection of firms and individuals before making your decision but keep in mind that one of the most important thing is to hire someone you like because your event planner has to be an assistant, friend and manager all wrapped up in one.

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Zapstars Productions with Dan Aykroyd for Crystal Head launch.

Zapstars Productions with Dan Aykroyd for Crystal Head launch.

Dan Aykroyd sings “The Blues Brothers” live to an exclusive crowed at the Four Session hotel.


Aykroyd, 63, has worked with the biggest names in the business, from Chevy Chase to John Candy and Lily Tomlin.


Dan Aykroyd and Jamie McEwen getting ready for the performance.

As for Crystal Head Vodka, Aykroyd founded the company in 2008 and said Australians are the first in the world to try the new Aurora flavour.

10 Spectacular Event Lighting Ideas

10 Spectacular Event Lighting Ideas
  • Candlelight the tables 

Candlelight is a very good option to save money since lighting each guest table can get very expensive. One other benefit is that candle flames make people happier and will definitely put a smile on your guest’s faces, while making everybody look good.


  • String lights & fabric

Whether it’s an outdoors event or an indoors one, strings of lights can have a big impact on your event and take it from normal to fairytale land. Combined with sheer fabric you can hide hardware and create the perfect soft romantic theme.


  • Lighted globes

Paper lanterns are a very inexpensive and fun idea to dress up your event. You can go for colored globes, patterned or you can keep it simple and romantic.


  • Lasers

Lasers are a popular and old school lighting idea that is always good. The best thing about them is that lasers have the ability to sync with your music, it can draw shapes or pictures on surfaces and it can cover the entire space and span across the audience at the touch of a button.


  • Projections

If you have a white blank wall at your event venue and don’t know what to do with it, there’s a solution. You can rent a projector and show a slideshow of photos, or project nature scenes or chandeliers. This is a cool visual interest idea and it can go as an art piece and also help with the lighting part.


  • Wireless lights

Wireless lights are growing more and more popular and you can get why. They are easy to use and the most important thing is that they can be put in very hard areas to light. They are a perfect way to incorporate lighting to an outdoors event that doesn’t have easy access to outlets and they will transform your event wherever the location may be.


  • LEDs

LEDs are another very new and popular choice in the last few years. The benefits of LEDs range from less power to easier to manage and one of the most important benefit being safer since they don’t produce heat. And let’s not forget that it can make any even more futuristic in seconds.

  • Suspended illumination

For an outdoors wedding or even a very elegant event, suspended illumination can be romantic or modern. You can transform it by simply choosing the model of the light: you can go for romantic and make some beautiful string lights with candles and glasses or you can go for modern and go with some LED bulb.


  • Letter lights 

Want to express your thoughts through lighting? You can go for letter lighting piece and you can make it the centerpiece of your event. You can spell out a theme word for the party or even your monogram or logo!



  • Light columns

Light columns are another favorite in the lighting department. You can go pro and get already made, simple, clean columns or you can do it yourself with a few paper lanterns, a bamboo stick and 50 bulb string of lights. Imagination has no limit! The result is stunning no matter what.



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Zapstars Productions at jeans launch with Emma Lung

Zapstars Productions at jeans launch with Emma Lung

Emma Lung shows off baby boy at jeans launch, where he didn’t wear out his welcome

May 21, 2015 7:36am

Models helped flag the new line at the Levi’s New Women’s Denim Collection launch at Carriageworks, Everleigh. Pictures: Justin Lloyd

ACTOR Emma Lung showed off her bundle of joy yesterday at a jeans launch, and he gave every impression he’s a very chilled bub all the time or that fuss fails to faze him.

Young Marlowe, born on April 5, charmed allcomers at the Levi’s New Women’s Denim Collection at Carriageworks at Everleigh, proving it takes more than a roomful of models and a cluster of cameras to upset him — at least when our photographer caught mum and son in a moment of adoration.

Emma Lung with her baby, Marlowe Zalapa, aged six weeks, at the Levi’s New Women’s Denim Collection launch. Pictures: Justin Lloyd

The 33-year-old Sydney-born actor turned heads when pregnant, sizzling on the red carpet for the AACTA awards luncheon in January in a black satin dress with a plunging V-neck, with matching black stilettos.


Emma Lung checks on Marlowe, who seems otherwise distracted. Pictures: Justin Lloyd

Just days before the birth, she uploaded a black-and-white photograph of her nude body and burgeoning baby bump in the reflection of a mirror while sitting on a bed in what looked to be her bedroom.

Lung plays Colette in Wonderland, which is in its third season on Channel Ten and tells of the intricate lives and loves of residents in an apartment building.

A graduate of the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, Lung has appeared in more than a dozen films, starting with Garage Days in 2002.